Take the opportunity to return to the past, get the feeling of the old way of living in a traditional Dalmatian village, and see the old stone block houses typical for ancient Dalmatian architecture.

Sit by the open fireplace, called “komin”, the most important place for any household in rural Dalmatia. You can poke the fire and drink homemade grappa and housewine, taste homemade smoked ham, bacon, sausages and salted sardines.
Eat the homemade bread and specialty “soparnik” made in front of you, which recently gained a title “Croatian brand“, because it originates from this region. Visit the village with old Dalmatian architecture style, houses made in stone blocks, see other fireplaces and wine cellars, tools they used to work in the fields, learn about the life of people who had to fight to survive on this poor soil.