The tiny paradise of Lastovo island is hidden in the heart of the Adriatic, surrounded by archipelago of even smaller 46 uninhabited islets. As the island is far from the mainland and has not experienced a fast development of mass tourism like some other parts of Croatia, it represents a true oasis of peace in the untouched nature.

Spending some time on Lastovo you’ll find yourself among 15th and 16th century stone houses with unusually shaped chimneys giving them unique appearance, plenty of secluded bays suitable for snorkeling or you can simply enjoy solitary walks accompanied only by birds and the sound of splashing sea.

Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the oldest Adriatic lighthouses, Struga, as well as the highest point of the island called Hum which provides an amazing view of the nearby islands or just take an excursion to the 60km remote Palagruža lighthouse, with only 50km left to Italy. All these unique experiences on this faraway island are now reachable in less than one hour flight by seaplane!



Hidden in the small village of Pasadur, Hotel Solitudo is perched on the corner of two splendid bays with extra charm added for being the only hotel on the island.

Surrounded by beautiful beaches of crystal-clear sea and a lush pine wood, Hotel Solitudo is an ideal choice for guests seeking peace. For those wishing to combine untouched nature with leisure activities there is an enchanting underwater world for diving experience.

The guest rooms are tastefully furnished and equipped with air conditioning and a TV, with ensuite bathroom available. Many of the rooms feature balconies or terraces with a marvelous sea view. Free WiFi is available in public areas. Free parking is available on site.