The oldest single arch stone bridge in Mostar, the Kriva Cuprija (Sloping Bridge), built in 1558 by the Ottoman architect Cejvan Kethoda was to be a tested before the major construction of the Stari Most began.

The Old Bridge was completed in 1566 and was hailed as one of the greatest architectural achievement in the Ottoman controlled Balkans. No matter how many times one does it, crossing the Stari most (Old Bridge) always seems to be an exciting experience. This single-arch stone bridge is an exact replica of the original bridge that stood for over 400 years and that was designed by Hajrudin, a student of the great Ottoman architect Sinan. It spans 28.7 meters of the Neretva river, 21 meters above the summer water level. The Halebija and Tara towers have always housed the guardians of the bridge and during Ottoman times were storehouses for ammunition.
Crossing from the west bank to the east you’ll also be crossing the ancient point where East and West symbolically met. Up the stairs to the right is the oldest mosque in Mostar: the Cejvan Cehaj Mosque built in 1552. Later a medresa (Islamic school) was built on the same compound. The Old Bazaar, Kujundziluk is named after the goldsmiths who traditionally created and sold their wares on this street, it is the best place in town to find authentic paintings and copper or bronze carvings of the Stari Most, pomegranates (the natural symbol of Herzegovina) or the famed stecaks (medieval tombstones).
Međugorje is located between two hills at the altitude of 200 meters above the sea level with mild Mediterranean climate. The Međugorje parish was established in 1982 when was placed under protection of St. James, patron saint of pilgrims. In 1981 Međugorje became a meeting point of pilgrims from all around the world.
According the testimony of six young parishioners the Virgin Mary has been showing up regulary every day since 24.06.1981. and on 25th each month sends peace messages to the world. A steep path, broadened and trodden by millions of pilgrims that have visited the place so far, can be seen from the distance and leads from the village houses to the Apparition Hill – the place of ours Lady first apparition on the mountain Crnica.
Pilgrims practice their devotion of the Way of the Cross on Cross mountain climbing up difficult, almost impossible path. Majority of the people claim they saw various luminous and other signals of apparition of our Lady on this cross.