Ancient Roman Salona is the largest archeological site of Roman and Early Christian ruins in Croatia.

At the time of Salona’s greatest prosperity (3rd and 4th century), it had 40,000 inhabitants, while Split did not even exist. Archeologists have excavated remains of temples, amphitheatres, early Christian churches, burial grounds and baths. We can certainly say that this is the most important excavation sight from the Roman times in Croatia.
Klis is a village in central Dalmatia, located close to Split. It is known for its famous fortress that used to be a symbol of Croatian resistance, during the time of Turkish breach. In 9th century, Klis was headquarter of Croatian’s dukes and kings, so was considered as the capital of Croatia.
We continue towards Trogir, a small town, under the protection of UNESCO. Trogir was on the site of a former Greek settlement of Tragurium, that exalts us today with its historical monuments which stand there like an evidence of its rich past. One of the most important monuments, that we shall visit, are the St. Lawrence Cathedral with its famous portal, made by local master Radovan, City Loggia, Ćipiko palace and the Town Hall.